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Help & FAQ

LEGO Discovery Center is not theme park but small indoor attraction designed from the perception of a child between 3 and 10 years old. It provides a safe and fun environment for families with younger children to have fun together. Many of the designed facilities are therefore not designed or suitable for older children or adults. Such as the gaming areas or some attractions.

To ensure a consistently child-friendly play environment, we do not allow groups of adults, adult couples or adults alone regardless of ethnic background, gender or physical condition, who are not accompanied by a child / children. This policy was created in consultation with our visitors and we believe that we have taken an appropriate and practical position that matches the nature of the attraction and the visitor profile.

Having said that, we are well aware that the popularity of the LEGO® brick cannot be limited and that fans exist of all ages and abilities. That is also the reason that we regularly organize “adults only” events in which certain areas of the center are open, such as MINI WORLD, and additional activities such as presentations or lessons are organized to compensate for adults not using many parts of the attraction.

The whole attraction is air conditioned. Please note that kids must wear socks to get entrance to the sofplay area and climbing wall.  

Our newest attraction hours of operation: 

Mon-Sat 10-6pm (last entry 4pm)

Sun 11-6pm (last entry 4pm)


LEGO Store open until 8pm Sun-Thurs.

LEGO Store open until 9pm Fri & Sat.