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Georgia Department of Transportation

GDOT Logo 1 PMS With R (003)

We are happy to announce an incredibly exciting partnership between the LEGO Discovery Center in Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation. This innovative collaboration will bring forth a captivating addition to our Miniland – the iconic Coastal Georgia Sidney Lanier Bridge constructed entirely from over 4,000 LEGO bricks. Our partnership represents a unique fusion of creativity and education, harnessing the power of play to introduce young minds to the world of engineering. We hope to nurture young talents and inspire them to explore the limitless possibilities that the STEM fields offer.

By showcasing the engineering marvel of the LEGO-built bridge, we're planting the seeds of interest and igniting the imaginations of young minds, helping them envision exciting career paths in civil engineering and related fields. This bridge becomes a point of pride for the community, showcasing our and the Georgia Department of Transportation’s joint investment in the education and future of our children.